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Highly granular modeling of the U.S. commercial building stock

Commercial stock characteristics database


Physics-based computer modeling


High-performance computing

The ComStock and ResStock analysis tools are helping states, municipalities, utilities, and manufacturers identify which building stock improvements save the most energy and money. ComStock is a U.S. Department of Energy model of the commercial building stock, developed and maintained by NREL. Learn more.

Data Viewer

Explore existing analysis results on ComStock's interactive website. State-level results can be filtered to identify the savings potential in various segments of the commercial building stock, whether that is buildings of a certain vintage, specific heating fuel type, or in a specific state and climate zone.

Available Datasets

ComStock Documentation

Learn about how and why ComStock represents the U.S. commercial building stock including how ComStock works, how to use ComStock, some behind the scenes details, and recomendations from the ComStock team on if and when ComStock is the right tool for your use case on the external documentation website.

ComStock Documentation

FAQs, Known Bugs, and Planned Improvements

Learn the answers to frequently asked questions, find out about known bugs in the user interface or data set, and learn about improvements and bug fixes that are in the works or planned for the future.

FAQs, Known Bugs, and Planned Improvements
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